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Bogus Megapardus

2014 Pre-Season Exhibition Games

According to LaxPower we will scrimmage at Sacred Heart on Sat., Feb 1 at 11:00 AM and at St. Joseph's on Sat., Feb 8 at 1:00 PM.

The websites for each of the those schools confirm the scrimmages. contains no information about them, however.
Bogus Megapardus

The first pre-season games supposedly are this weekend but you wouldn't know it from looking at  No update since mid-November and the opening regular season game is just over two weeks away.

It's not like we need daily updates like we get for football in August, but a little something would be nice - maybe enough to remind folks, for example, that Lafayette still has a lacrosse team.

In SID's office it appears this is assigned to a David Datz - 1st year Athletic Communications Assistant - no clue if thats a full or part time position (he has womens hoops, womens lax and field hockey) but you are right, info has been soarly lacking and that does not help "brand" recognition or recruiting.  

I think last year the season preview including a Coach/Panto interview came out 2-3 days before the first game.

FWIW - Brooke needs to relax a bit in her interview style.  Kinda stiff and scripted.  Not looking for her to be Panto in year one, but on-camera skills need work.

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