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@ Buffy

Any report from Lewisburg? I don't get CBS sport so did not watch. It looks like we hung around but couldn't pull it out?

Am I reading it right that Bucknell made 27 free throws to our 11??

Yep but in this case it seems to have been purely a function of our throwing up bricks and their using basketballs - as we went to the line a decent amount.   That may be the worst FT % I have seen from LC since.....ever.

Am I reading it right that Bucknell made 27 free throws to our 11??

Part of that is because we only made 44% of our FTs (11-of-25).

Reminds me of 17-for-30 in the 2011 PL Championship Game (though not as many of those missed FTs factored into the ultimate outcome). Maybe it's just Sojka?

If we're playing Mr. Brightside, it's obvious that we CAN play with the teams currently at the top of the league. We hung with Bucknell, Colgate and Loyola, and we beat Army. Of the current top half of the PL standings, only Navy really took it to us the first time around.

We can hang with them but have collapsed at the end by being totally outplayed in the last 5 minutes of the game.The Colgate loss and the one last night were nearly identical. We scratched and clawed to stay close  and then failed to keep pace at the end or to do what was necessary to win.The only consolation is that we lost most of these close games on the could actually see Bucknell turn up the juice and take over the game with about 4 minutes or so to go. We were four points down. They hit a three pointer and only increased the lead from there while we flubbed the game away.The Colgate game was similar-we actually led then were outscored 22-5 over the last 5 minutes.It can't be blamed on youth- the upper classmen stumbled and bumbled as well.

After being benched for the 2nd half vs AU, Fran gave Monty 31 mins last night. 12 pts (one 3-pt off the glass), 1 rebound, 0-4 FT.  Did make another sweet bounce pass, but sometimes seems to get into "I'm gonna shoot this time no matter what' mode.  Anyway, I thought the 31 mins was notable.

I'm no expert but end of game collapse is usually linked to lack of conditioning.

Our foul shooting really annoys me. If you watch the pregame warmup, everyone is trying to dunk. How may dunks do we get during a game? Not many. That time would be better sent shooting foul shots. This is totally on the players.

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