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@ Colgate

Not much noise on this board, but the Pards are 10-10 and finished the first League go-round at 4-5.  Not exactly "Show" quality, but a step up from where we've been for...years.  Last night's 90-75 pasting of Colgate is the second consecutive blowout and Emily Homan's 26 points reminds us that we haven't seen anyone as good as her in a Pard uniform in a long time.

Just sayin' - and giving credit where credit is due.

Absolutely, good job, c2.  And Macklin has found her shot.

Andy wrote:
Absolutely, good job, c2.  And Macklin has found her shot.

Couldn't be happier for the team. go pards!!
Bogus Megapardus

I didn't see the first half but apparently Pards were down by 10 at one point.  What I saw in the second half was solid defense and an ability to make some devastating shots that took the air out of Colgate every time they regained a bit of a lead.  Then in the final 4 minutes Pards pulled away like winning teams are supposed to.  

The final score doesn't reflect how close the game was but it does reflect a seasoned, well-coached team that has learned how to win games and to take advantage of its skills - whenever and from whomever those skills might emerge.

Mid-season standings:

1.  Navy 9-0
2.  Army 7-2
3.  American 6-3
3.  Bucknell 6-3
5.  Holy Cross 5-4
7.  Boston U. 3-8
8.  Lehigh 2-7
8.  Loyola 2-7
10. Colgate 1-8

I think we've beaten everyone behind us and lost to everyone ahead of us.  Is this the group that will break us out of the "every LC team is a loser in 2013-2014" streak?

There are some very winnable games (obviously) in the second half.  Bucknell and HC will be critical.

Coach Nolan's February test is about to begin.  The other teams will gang up on Homan, so who will come through?  Tough assignment on Sat at Navy.

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