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@ Loyola

Loyola 21-4 final.



Loyola looked to be at least three tiers ahead of Lafayette in all aspects.  I was especially impressed with their shooting (fast, extremely accurate) and stick skills and they were clearly faster and more athletic.  Our defense looked helpless and disorganized, often out of position leaving shooters wide open.  We had our usually problems winning faceoffs and even when we did manage to get possession, we seemed to quickly throw the ball away or drop a pass.  The team seems to be in a free fall since the Navy game.  They better right the ship or this could be a Mangan era one win season.

Why is Coach starting freshmen that cant even play club ball??? Why is Lewis starting over Bock? Why is Mahoney starting?? Did Coach want to purposely
lose this game???!!!!!

Was there ever a chance at winning it?

Thats not the point....why would you take out your top scoring leader? If Coach thinks Lewis Joseph and Mahoney will win him games Ski will be back coaching D3....Thats a fact!!!

With nobody in the league's top 10 in goals, assists or points per game -- does it matter that much?

I did not watch this game (not worth my time) but really we had no chance to beat this team.  I would have said 15-5 loss would have been a moral victory but yeesh... 21-4?  Is that the highest goal output in DI this season?  Our win over Colgate is the #2 upset on Laxpower and should be #1 based upon how we are playing.  Not beating Boston U killed any outside hopes of a playoff chance.  Motivation and hard work can go a long way and who knows what would have happened down the stretch.

More of same against a top opponent - 11 vs. 33 shots on goal, 30 something % on face-offs, lots of turn overs - no reason to expect a different outcome, but a tighter final score...yeah.  

No comments on coaching without having watched the game, but from afar its a weird substitution pattern to say the least.
Bogus Megapardus

I didn't even watch this game.  I couldn't bear to.

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