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Bogus Megapardus

@ Navy

Don't want to jinx them, but Pards are looking pretty good vs. Mids.
Bogus Megapardus


Pards win 70 - 69  Very Happy

Fantastic game and well earned. Good day for the Leopards!!!
Bogus Megapardus

First PL loss for the mighty Mids, of course.  Navy head coach looked like she was about to cry on the post game interview.

Is there crying in basketball?   Rolling Eyes

A well-earned win by the team.  Hearty congratulations to all - must be a really fun ride home to Easton.  Their confidence must be soaring.

Coach is now 1-0 in Feb.  The Bucknell game will be crucial for PL Standings.

That's a great win, with Navy not only being undefeated but having all five starters back from a team that has won the last three PL titles.  Congrats.

Wow! Terrific. Really annoyed we didnt get back from Easton in time to watch. Hate to miss a special moment like that.  Way to go, Pards!

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