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Bogus Megapardus

@ Navy

2-1 Navy after 1st Q.

Team is immeasurably better than last year but still has a long way to go.
Bogus Megapardus

Navy breaks the tie. We had every chance not to give them that goal. SMH

First time watching a Patriot League Network stream.  Pretty sweet!  Now if we could just some offense going...
Bogus Megapardus

7-2 Navy.  This one is going real bad, real fast.
Bogus Megapardus

11-3.  Now it's just embarrassing.  Darker shades of last two seasons.

Some games it seems like faceoffs don't matter that much.  This was not one of those games.  Navy must have scored about 4 goals in what seemed like 60 seconds at some point in the third quarter.  Faceoff win, fast break, goal.  This game got ugly very, very fast.

Maybe a bit biased as father to a faceoff guy, but faceoffs mean possession, so they ALWAYS matter.  And, this team wont turn it around completely until we get a heck of a lot closer to 50% and wont seriously compete until it gets north of that number, with some coming in in critical spots during a game.

Didn't stare too long at stat sheet but big shot differential and lack of success on man up did not help. Didn't expect to beat Navy down there, but did not expect to lose by 8 either.  This was a full step backwards.  

Lets see how they react at Metro - who played the stain a lot closer than I would have guessed.

look at our shooting percentage is horrendous anybody on the team shooting better then 40%? im speechless about our FOGO'S
Bogus Megapardus

FOGO - we'd have been better off simply yielding possessing on FO.  That way we'd at least have been braced for the transition.

Defense - much better than I'd seen in the few glimpses so far this season.  Considering the enormous amount of time the D is in action, they did a workmanlike job of preventing the wholesale "wind-up and shoot" by Navy's attack.  Skilled stickmen they are not, however.  Fellas - you can choke up a bit when you're trying to clear, you know, if you're not under pressure.  Not that you should have to, but accuracy counts.

Transition Midfield - Pards got ridden hard all day long - even got called for failure to advance.  Seriously?  Default always seems to be to send it back to Hyatt.  Goalie shouldn't be put in that position under that kind of pressure.  Hyatt saves this team's arse enough as it is.  Long poles have to be trusted to catch the ball - but can they?

Attack - the scheme is different than last season's free-for-all.  We're setting up in a logical formation that is designed to let a shooter get free.  It's not always a designated shooter because Rogalski appears to be giving the green light to anyone in position - and that's a good thing.  We have some very talented guys up there.  They seem to be a little apprehensive mostly because they're young and they don't completely have the feel for their teammates under extreme duress, at least not yet.  I believe that will come in time.

Goalie - Jake Hyatt is the most accomplished player on the team.  We'd be dead in the water without him.  He needs all the help he can get - especially by keeping possession in the offensive zone.

Miscellaneous - Complete-miss, out of bounds passes are unforgivable in DI lax . . . Long stick vs. short stick on GB is a recipe for disaster . . . Sonny Round and John Floyd have the cojones to stand up to the physical ride; others simply do not, it seems to me . . . FOGO is beyond disaster at this point . . . Would a more aggressive offense make a difference considering the youth and unfamiliarity of this team, or would it just lead to more TOs?  Hard to say but my guess is that we're going to find out . . . Metropolitan College is next, in Easton, with their 0-6 first year team.  A loss would be a colossal embarrassment.

This is related to the offense this year.  Stats don't always tell the true story but the last two years indicate that the offense hasn't been very productive and is down this year vs last year:

                             2013   2014
Goals per game:      8.7      6.6
Shooting %              27%   23%
Shots/game             33      28
Assists/game           4.6     3.6
Man up %                39%   10%
Face-off %               49%   28%

The FO percentage has an obvious impact on offensive opportunities but we are not doing much with the opportunities that we have.  The EMO percentage probably most matters in close games but 10% must be near the very bottom of DI.  I hope changes are in the works.

This is from the Navy thread talking about THEIR offense in their game against Lafayette but seems to pertain to our offense equally:

"The pressure needs to be perpetual and it needs to be relentless. The guys took waaaayyyy too long to move the ball after drawing the double and worse, WAAAYYYYY too long to dodge or attack again after they moved it. This needs to be done in a split second. The second and third dodges were starting from outside the box in some cases. NOT GOOD. They gotta re-attack quicker so the defense gets tighter and tighter and the 3rd or 4th dodge is merely a catch and a split dodge and BANG!!! Or better yet they will catch defenses leaving guys open on or around the crease.  I overheard a guy compare the offense to a breakdance competition, a bunch of guys standing around while one guy goes to the middle and makes some moves."

I don't know enough to suggest some alternatives but I hope the coaching staff has been putting in long hours to evaluate what they can do to increase efficiency on the offense end.  As noted by others, the D seems to have improved fairly dramatically.  Matt Evans has played very well against the opponents' big guns and Mac Ahsler has been very disruptive.  The freshman McCooe has also been very effective and Hyatt, of course, has been a true stud.  The FO and offense have been the weaknesses so far this year.  Let's hope some effective corrections can be made in the latter part of the season.  I don't know the math of making the tournament but we need at the very least to beat both BU and HC to have any chance.

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