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@ Stony Brook

Down 9-4 at the half.  Score was 4-4 about halfway through the 2nd quarter.  Stony Brook so far has 3 goals off face-off fast breaks and 3 on man-up.  We're getting killed on faceoffs, Gametracker has it as 3-15.  Not looking good but we'll see how the boys respond.

18-10 final in an ugly loss.  Defense actually played pretty well through the first half of the second quarter - lots of intensity, picking their men up early, sliding aggressively, but just feel apart after SB scored 3 quick goals to break the 4-4 tie.  Guys getting blown by on routine dodges, no help.  The final faceoff margin was 8 wins out of 31.  That does put a lot of pressure on the defense.  The offense did OK but most of the goals in the fourth quarter came in garbage time when SB had their subs in.  Gotta put this game behind them as Colgate comes to town Saturday, assuming there is a field to play on.

Pretty dismal display after the 1st quarter - we were not in the game.  FOGO problems continue, and those generally dont get fixed fast.  Lost focus for a 3-4 minute stretch in 2nd quarter and found ourselves down 4 or 5 real fast.  Lack of middie quickness to stay with simple dodges was painfully visible throughout the game.

Not a happy start to the season, but lets see if there is progress in game #2, and if Coach can sort out some fixes to things we all saw.

defense was nonexistent ....cant complain about the FOGO because we had none.... OFFENSE looked okay but we never had the ball...would like to see attack dodge more...
Bogus Megapardus

Pards won last year's opener at Georgetown by maintaining possession for large stretches on the game.  We lost this one because we could not maintain possession at all.  Going 8-31 in faceoffs isn't helping.  Remember, this Stony Brook team lost to Marist.

Defense is pretty much the same as it was last season.  And that's nowhere near enough.

I did not expect the Pards to win this game but I did expect considerably more.

Colgate will be at Rappolt.  Gate is a better team than Stony Brook.

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