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Bogus Megapardus


At Wagner on Tuesday at 3:00PM on Staten Island.  Pards are superior "on paper" here but their performance vs. Fairfield is concerning.

I was at the Binghamton game and was nervous at the beginning because the Pards looked so tentative.  A rash of penalties hurt Bingo and middie Ryan Hansen really stepped up with 4 goals.

Andrusko, the freshman goalie, took PL rookie honors.  He didn't look like he belonged out there in the first quarter but his play (and that of the the defense around him) really stepped up as the game went on.  What really made a difference in the Binghamton game, though, was Munoz winning all those face-offs.  When you control the ball that well for that long, the other guys just aren't going to score.

Cesar started out 2010 with a very high percentage of faceoffs too - he faded over later half much as team did.  For those who dont play the sport its hard to imagine how critical it is.  Closest thing I could compare it to is if in basketball after every basket you had a jump ball - great teams have a Manute Bol - not so good Mugsie Boggs.

Very curious how we come out against Wagner - have not seen a game but it certainly looks like Tom P is getting taken out of the play and finding the 2nd and 3rd scoring choices has been a challenge.
Franks Tanks

Hopefully our young players can gel quickly against some of the weaker teams on the schedule and be ready for PL play.  Last year Munoz did seem to dominate against the lesser teams, but was average against the better teams.

Hopefully he can dominate faceoffs all year and take pressue off the young goalie.

yeah I remember the Drexel game last year well.  They would score and then we'd lose the face-off. Unfortunately Drexel was the inflection point for the season and the biggest crowd.
Bogus Megapardus

After today's Wagner game, starting March 4 through March 26, the Pards play

at Penn
at Navy
vs. Bucknell
at Drexel
at Army

That's as tough a row as any.  If the Pards make it through that stretch 3-2, they'll be tournament-worthy.
Bogus Megapardus

Wagner over Lafayette 3-2 at the end of the first quarter.  Pards dominating the faceoffs and possession, but Wagner has twice as many shots on goal.
Bogus Megapardus

Wagner 6-5 at the half.  Not looking so good.  Pards beat this team 15-4 last season.
Bogus Megapardus

Pards up 13-8 in the 4th.  Looking a little better.
Bogus Megapardus

Pards win this one running away, 16-8.

All right... it sounds like we may need to take more opportunites early in th game especially if we are winning face-offs.

Perini was a monster - 8 goals.  No big deal...
Bogus Megapardus

Pard4Life wrote:
All right... it sounds like we may need to take more opportunities early in the game especially if we are winning face-offs.

Play again seemed tentative in the first two periods - as if they fear doing "something wrong."  Munoz was great at FO to begin with but then Wagner brought in another FOGO who beat Munoz 5 out of 6 in the second half.

Freshman Andrusko played well between the pipes with 14 saves but he blew a clear pretty badly.

Best of all - Tom Perini had an unbelievable 8 goals in this game.  Guess who's gonna be PL offensive player of the week?

Good for Tom - will open things up for others as well.

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