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Bogus Megapardus

A Little Lacrosse History?

Thought some folks might get a kick out of this.  Current discussions about athletics are nothing new.  From the June 6, 1890 edition of The Lafayette:

"HAS lacrosse come to stay? This is the question that we have heard repeated very often since our initial game. Its success is of course not yet assured, but we think it now stands on a firmer basis than ever before, and all we want is a good deal of enthusiasm and a little money to answer the question positively.

The recent game showed that we have here the material for a fine team, and although the attendance was not what might have been desired, there were good reasons to account for it. It is claimed that Lafayette cannot support a lacrosse team in addition to base-ball and foot-ball teams. But why not make the lacrosse team self-supporting. The foot-ball team more than covers expenses, and the failure of the base-ball team to do the same is done, no doubt, to the presence of a professional team in Easton. Lacrosse is certainly more interesting to spectators than base-ball, and if the people of Easton once learned to appreciate the game as it, deserves to be, there would be no lack of visitors at the games."

Sound vaguely familiar?  And yes, it seems Lafayette has been playing lacrosse that long.

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