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A Suggestion for UN-Threading

Why do we have a "Recruiting" thread? Football recruiting ought to be under Football, Mens BB under Mens BB, Womens BB under Womens BB and other sports under their own heading or in the appropriate catch-all thread. As it stands it is redundant, it is confusing, and interested folks (like me) stand a chance of missing some informative and/or interesting information because it is not posted to the "logical" spot. Anyway, My suggestion is to delete the entire "Recruiting" thread/topic.

Thanks for listening.

Given the way use has evolved - I agree.

I think you're right.

I'm trying to figure out which sports beside Football and Basketball have enough fans to support a thread on their own...

Should we have football, men's soccer, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball and then lump everything else into an "other" category.

Or's not like it's gonna kill the bandwidth to have a thread for each sport...I'm not sure what's best yet---then again I haven't thought too much about it! Very Happy

I'm trying to figure out why in the world Xbo can't post here. If anyone else is having trouble--please e-mail me at I am at a loss to understand what the problem could be.

I'll probably eliminate the recruiting thread soon.

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