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Bogus Megapardus

ACA for Small Business

Totally, completely off-topic, but . . .

Have any of you guys wrangled with the ACA (aka Obamacare) for small Businesses?  I'd like to get my three full time employees covered (I think?) under a more efficient, economical plan but no one seems to be able to make sense of it.  Right now we split the cost.  My insurance guy tells me it still will be more economical and less hassle to go with a standard commercial plan.  But it seems that the commercial small business plan rate might become prohibitively expensive.  Plus he wants to sell insurance.

I have a couple of part-timers (< 25 hrs.) who have asked about this as well.  Right now they have no coverage.  I think I won't required to cover them but what if I want to, and it makes economic sense?

Any insurance pros here?  I trust a Pard first and foremost.

I believe Jim Fisher has the makings of a pretty good semi-pro team working for him at his Farmers agency in Easton: guys like Matt Potter, Marv Snipes, Stroble, Scriveri, etc.
Bogus Megapardus

Thanks for the suggestion, Andy.

Looking further into it, I'm pretty sure we won't "qualify" for anything in terms of "subsidies" or anything like that.  But the commercial plans will have to be more comprehensive than what we have now.  Which probably means everyone (including me) will have to change.  I'm going to have to look into some other NJ based agencies than the one I've been dealing with for a while - but it's hard to imagine they'd have any more concrete information.  No one seems to know what's going on.

The "exchange" entities that have been set up in NJ for individual coverage look more than a bit suspect to me.  I have no clue whether these new outfits will be handling small businesses, however.  No one seems to know.  I'm at a complete loss.  I'd prefer to have an established entity handling the claims.

Perhaps I should just call Jim Fisher's agency even though he's not in NJ.  They'll probably point be in the right direction.

EDIT - looking at their website it looks like Fisher's agency also is in New Jersey and in my area, too.  Thanks again Andy - I will call them next week.

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