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All League and POY

Cant argue with much except I think Trist was POY.  I'm admittedly biased, but think the stats with TK are pretty much even, but with Trist being the Senior, think he should have been given the nod.   Not crazy bad, just don't agree.

Head to head totals :

TK - 22 pts, 19 Reb

DT - 34 pts, 16 Rebs.

Sorry, Dan should have gotten it over the Soph. But, I'm a homer!

I would also have voted for Trist.   One issue from my perspective is that Kempton's defense is very mediocre.  

However the coaches in the past have shown a real bias in their POY voting for teams that either win the league or are in contention.  Only five times has the POY not come from the champion or co-champion.   Those five players were Rob Feaster, Adonal Foyle, Greg Sprink, CJ McCollum, and Cameron Ayers.   Of those five, all of their teams won over 61% of league games - and four of the five were on 2nd place teams.

One vote that had some Lehigh fans whining was in 2011 when Lehigh underachieved and went 6-8 in league play (tied for 4th through 6th place out of 8 teams) while Bucknell went 13-1.   That year Muscala was voted POY over CJ, and some LU fans didn't like it.   Muscala had a really good year but CJ had better stats and obviously was a great player.   However the coaches decided that being a great player on an underachieving team wasn't enough to get the award.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Men's Basketball
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