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And, here's another rant

I just spent an hour going through the results of last weekend's Patriot League Indoor Track and Field Championship. Track and field, like swimming, is a non-scholarship sport, and probably has more participants than any other sport.

T & F had a couple of excellent results. On the women's side, Devin Smith finished first in the 400 sprint. She also took a fourth in the 200. The women also took a 3rd in the 4 x 4.  Jarrel Bobb was the only men's athlete to make it to the podium with a third place in the long jump. Congratulations to them.

Now, lets get to the real issues. Like swimming, there's no doubt in my mind that admissions does not give any consideration to athletes who need financial aid as opposed to full pays. Again, this is a situation where the Athletic Director should go to bat for the coaches. I would not expect him to request that every T & F athlete, like swimming, be admitted. But excellent swimming and excellent T & F athletes almost always participate in multiple events. This is a case where one can equal three.

But, there is an even bigger issue. Have you been to KIRBY FIELD HOUSE?  Lets see, men's basketball practices and plays there so does women's basketball, volleyball practices and plays there. How many times have you left a basketball game and wondered why field hockey, men's and women's lacrosse, or the softball or baseball team were going into the gym? Yes, in bad weather this is where they practice. The "track" in Kirby is not legal and track and field events cannot be held there.

So, a priority should be the construction of a first class facility. A true T & F field house. The facility should have a 10 lane banked track, long and triple jump pits, an artificial surface inside the track that could be used by both baseball, softball, lacrosse and field hockey in bad weather.

Lehigh just recently updated their facility, however they eliminated any areas for spectators to view the finish line. Even with that major error they still host numerous T & F events (both college and high school). These events generate revenue.

Totally agree about the need for a field house.  It is one of the only major facilities LC is missing.  Who wants to step up and fund it?

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