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Andy Romans to Patriot League Foe...

Sources have stated that Andy Romans has accepted a job offer from Holy Cross.  The real question is, how does Lafayette let this person get away, especially since he has the leopard background, winning mentality, and experience that we need on our sideline?

I spent years reading on this board about how we need to start over, but now having "the leopard background" under Frank Tavani is a major selling point?

I have no issue with Andy Romans - I only know him as a football player, and there's no arguing with his credentials there - but John Garrett is the head coach that has been entrusted with the program, so in my opinion, he gets to assemble his staff in any way that he sees fit. There is no "Lafayette" letting him get away, there's just John Garrett. And, as Bill Parcells would say, if you want him to cook the meal, you have to let him buy the groceries.

If we had an opening, I might agree, why did we not have a conversation with him.   However, we don't have an opening, and have staff members with strong ties to NJ already for recruiting, so all I can do is wish Andy the best......except when playing/recruiting against LC
Bogus Megapardus

I think Holy Cross is a terrific place for Andy Romans. Great job at a fantastic college. Congratulations! I hope Romans tries to get the Crusaders to knock the stuffing out of us . . . and that Garrett & staff knock it right back at them. And the Pards win, of course.

Romans isn't listed on the HC website and there is no release about him on the site, either. In looking there, it was interesting to note that five assistants are in their first season and no assistant has been there more than four years. Does any program in the PL have more turnover than the Crusaders? Especially considering Gilmore is a 14th-year guy, not a first-year coach.

Andy lists his employment on facebook as Asst Football Coach, College of the Holy Cross as of 2017. Also a new dad. Big things going on! Wish he was with us.

Very happy for Andy. It is great that he gets to give back to the game he loves in the league he helped put on the map. I know what he has in front of him over the next year as a new dad and (probably, I have no way of confirming this) a limited earnings coach on the Crusaders staff. Being an underling football coach is tough, working those kinds of hours while being a dad are next to impossible, and working those hours under the tyrant that is Gilmore is insane. They Cross has turnover because Gilmore is just so difficult to work with.

And as much as I love Andy and am legitimately happy for him in his new position I don't think he would have been a good fit for the Leopards, at least not yet. He was an ok LBs coach at Mullenburg and never quite fit in at the HS level. He doesn't quite have the experience needed to truly teach the game the way a full time LB coach would have to at this level.
Bogus Megapardus

LeopardBall10 wrote:
Limited earnings coach on the Crusaders staff.

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Full disclosure: two of my five children attended (different) colleges in Worcester and a third will begin graduate school there in the fall - and not just because pot now is legal in the Commonwealth.

EDIT - beware some of the Italian cuisine places. More food than you possibly can eat but too rich, often overcooked and way too much garlic. True, they make their own pasta but there seems to be a dearth of fresh basil. I'm spoiled by Philadelphia and Newark.

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