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Are the scholarship players having an impact??

Our big signee in soccer has already made an impact scoring in the first game. Field hockey recruits have yet to be heard from. A goalie is hurt (stress fractures), a midfielder (Knee), another midfielder is starting. The two hurt recruits came to camp with injuries, did they have them last year and are they chronic?

We had the same problem with some our women basketball recruits. Brooks Niquette had knee problems for example.

Are we thorouhly checking these recruits out. Giving a recruit who has chronic physical problems a scholarship is like throwing a scholarship away!!!

Not sure you can make that leap saying we are giving scholarships to players with chronic injuries just because they came to camp with injuries. This is a risk every school makes when you give a scholarships. You have football recruits committing to colleges before their senior year. What happens if they blow out a knee during the season??? Basketball players are committing after their junior year. What if they lose interest their senior year and no longer want to play in college? It's part of college athletics. Since you can't give a student a physical until they arrive on campus, it's a crap shoot. Which is why each year you have to recruit for the best players and build depth so you can absorb an expected injury or situation. Our problem now is we are in the beginning stages and haven't had a chance to build depth yet. We'll get there.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Recruiting Thread
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