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Army and the seniors

I hope Dan, Seth, Alan and Joe can go out with a regular season win at home. Each has contributed but maybe Joey's crazy shots will be the most memorable moments from this class.
2015-16 is already looking bleak.
If we can't make a run in the tournament we need something on the coach. An exit date, a succession plan (there is no way though that we have a successor on the bench now). Something. This year is a good time to ponder a change.
Thanks to Fran for some great moments and the good kids he brought in. All things must come to an end.
Go Pards!

Normally Fran has his team playing the best at this time of the season. That does not appear to be the case this year.

Maintained a ten point lead for the first ten minutes of the 2nd half, lead is cut to two with a bit over four minutes to go.

HC 23-21 early in half two (now that's PL ball!).
I apparently am Mr. Sunshine among the basketball fans for recognizing a winning season. Who woulda thunkit?
I know I gave up on the football team in 2013 (and 1994) and was ecstatic to be wrong.
So we will see. A chance for 20 wins and a title. It's there.

HC beats Boston U.  We start the league tournament at home vs Boston.

bethlehempard wrote:
HC 23-21 early in half two (now that's PL ball).

It actually was a fairly high scoring game.  That was a score well before halftime.    Halftime score was 31-29.   Final. HC 77. Boston U 70

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