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Bogus Megapardus

Army (Fisher Field)

Saturday, March 24 at Fisher Field (1:00 PM)

Army (3-5):

#3 UMass (7-0) L 9-12
Wagner (0-7) W 24-7
VMI (1-7) W 14-8
at #9 Syracuse (4-2) L 9-10
at #4 Cornell (5-1) L 7-18
Rutgers (4-4) W 9-8
Air Force (3-3) L 8-9 (OT)
at #11 Lehigh (8-1) L 6-7

30% chance of rain.  Temp. about 60 deg.

Friends of Lacrosse tailgate following the game.

From the Army website: "The Black Knights are 30-0 against the Leopards in an all-time series dating back to 1926."(!!) but goes on to note that "Each of the last three meetings have been decided by just one goal."  There's no reason we can't play them tough again this year.  Time to turn things around and give Army a real dogfight, hopefully steal a victory.

I just dont see it......

Two years ago I was very proud to take my son's lax club to a home game at Fisher.  Top 10 team, great setting, we were where we wanted to be (probably didnt deserve the ranking...but so what) and with some backing and solid recruiting should have remained.

Now I am hoping he doesnt ask....and fingers crossed for decent "chances" against Marist and HC.

That sucks!

Bogie my LC lax bloodlines dont go back as far as yours, but my family has played the sport since the 40s when my uncle played at Drexel.  Suspect some of them are shaking their heads 6' under.

same old crap against army - so far its 5-1
Bogus Megapardus

5-2 at the half.

I couldn't make it to the game this afternoon so I'm watching the streaming broadcast.  We're still not all that bad, but we cannot defend transition or fast breaks.  We allow big plays.  And two goals in a half isn't going to get it done.
Bogus Megapardus

Wow . . . yet another blown clear.  Come on, guys.
Bogus Megapardus

. . . and the blown clear leads straight to an Army goal on the possession.  6-3 Army in the 3rd.
Bogus Megapardus

8-3 in the 4th.  We are on pace to score the fewest points against Army this year.

Looked like we were playing defense the whole game.  Outshot again by a huge margin (44 to 23).  I thought Lafayette played pretty well in the first quarter but then allowed Army to go on a 4-0 run to start the second quarter (three goals in the first three minutes).  Then played OK in the start of the 3rd quarter but allowed three quick goals to end the period.  Got no production out of EMO and faceoffs again were a problem (35% is not going to get it done).
Bogus Megapardus

The defense was clean, well-organized, and in position for the most part.  They know what they are doing and they hold their assignments.  They slide cleanly to the next mark.  In other words, these kids are doing exactly what they're coached to do.

However, they're losing most one-on-one matchups and they're still waving their sticks instead of maintaining physical presence. They're not reacting to fast breaks and they're allowing some ridiculously wide open shots from deep.  There's no leader or playmaker on the defense, it seems.  It looks as if each guy is so committed to his assignment that he's unable to react to the obvious.

Again, this is not a bad team.  I'm not sure there's a lot of chemistry there, and they're really tentative, but it's not a DIII level effort by any means, as some have suggested.  They're not bad, but they're not good, that's for sure.

I agree with PardsLax that the focus was on defense today becasue Army came in as a pretty mediocre squad not known for its high-powered offense.  A strong defensive effort by the Pards in theory could have propelled them to a win.

I can even see giving up 10 goals - as long as we score 12.  But a 3 goal effort by the offense?  We're in trouble if that is to become the norm.

This team is going to get smacked by Lehigh unless they come up with one of the biggest upsets in the history of the rivalry.  LU won its 8th straight today again Holy Cross.
Bogus Megapardus

It appears that Sonny Round started today in place of Will Heffernan.  That means that all three starting Attackmen were freshmen.

Hyatt played all 60 in goal.  No halftime switch to Andrusko.  This game was not on the goalie, though.  Hyatt let a couple through that he shouldn't have, I suppose, but the D poles let it happen.

We're playing young - very young.  Will they be different in three years?  Lacrosse is a game where one or two key guys really makes the whole team play better.  Steve Serling was that king of guy, as were Tom Perini and Kevin Dunbar.  If we can get a couple of playmakers such as they were, this team will be OK in the future.

This season?  We'll be fortunate simply to get another win.

The experience that the younger guys are getting is perhaps the one bright spot for this season.  Sonny Round has shown some Mersky-like quickness, Brian Bock is leading the team in points so far and could be the next Bauer, and Cory Scheuerle has played well and had a hat trick against Fairfield.  The attack is going to be a force in years to come.  Matt Confort has been getting some significant minutes at D middie, Jake O'Brien has taken some draws at the X in every game, and several of the other freshmen have gotten more playing time than in years past when they would be put in at the end of the Wagner game and that was it.  Several of the sophomores have also been playing a lot of minutes, especially on the defensive end (Matt Evans, Brendan Gover, Mac Ashler) and the two goalies that have played the most this year (Andrusko and Hyatt) are both sophomores.  The Pards will be graduating their entire first line middies who are also among their leading scorers so that will be a hole that needs to be filled but otherwise, this team has the potential to be pretty good in a couple of years.  Let's see if the chemistry and leadership will develop over time.  I'm still hoping to see something in the last part of this season.

Like many teams at Lafayette we are getting too used to losing! We need to start developing winning attitudes in everything we do.

Lafalum wrote:
Like many teams at Lafayette we are getting too used to losing! We need to start developing winning attitudes in everything we do.

Amen, brother.

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