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At least we didn't get shutout

2012-13 Awards announced

POY Fr. Minato, Army
COY Magarity, Army
ROY Fr. Minato, Army
Def POY Sr. Simmers, Army
Scholar Athete Dobbs, AU

1st Team
Sr. Simmers, Army
Fr. Minato, Army
Jr. Smith HC
Fr. Kinek, LU
Jr. Geif, Navy

2nd Team
Jr. Dobbs, AU
Jr. Romine, BU
Jr. Lynch, CU
Sr. Lepley, HC
Jr. Membreno, Navy

All Rookie
Oertner, Army
Minato, Army
Stockill, CU
Kinek, LU
O'Hare, LC

LC- Nobody on All Academic

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