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AU Iggles

Another frustrating loss - actually a game that was dominated by AU.  If only Fiacco could hit shots around the basket (as has been pointed out on this board).  The three point shoot was not good again.  Total team loss.

Key game against Holy Cross this Wed followed by LU over there.  Two winnnable games with 'gate at home the following Wed.  A win over HC is essential if the team is going to finish in the top 4 or 5 and have winning season.  Let's hope they recognize the importance of this game.  It will go a long way to help their confidence.  It looks like the coach is still tryin to find a rotation, although I am no expert on hoops x's and o's.  She and her staff should not sleep this week until they can find a game plan to beat HC.  As with AU, the LC record against HC is terrible.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Women's Basketball
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