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The Maroon

Bad Fall

I'll invite smarter minds to explain if I'm wrong but my understanding is/was we are on an even playing field as the rest of the league. There could be a lot of reasons that FH, Men's and Women's soccer and VB are a combined 4-15 so far this Fall. (VB is 1-6, the rest are 1-3).

Is this a matter of having our tougher games first? Natural cycles?

VB and women's soccer have putrid histories. I am pretty well connected in the soccer world and nobody has anything but the highest regard for Mick Statham - so are we just resigned to tying his hands?

Likewise I can't beat up Dennis Bohn less than two years after bringing home a rare PL Title.

I know so little about volleyball I can't say anything about what our expectations should be. From  my distant - very distant - perspective our success seems to have coincided directly with the Cato-Ponce years.

Just not loving the start we are off to.

You don't come up with a Canto-Ponce more than one time in a lifetime.

Sometimes I think we are afraid to succeed. Our vision is myopic and our leadership is nonexistent. We are in need of a reboot with the full support of all involved. We can't keep and nurture success ( Andrew Griffiths) and certainly don't encourage or maintain excellence. We DO maintain a budget….such as it is.

Women's soccer drops an important game with Bucknell in overtime 2-1 after being ahead 1-0 at the half. Does not look good for the preseason.

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