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Baseball: Lafayette 10, Notre Dame 2

What a way to start the 2017 season! A gem on the mound for Houck and some big days at the plate by the middle of the lineup.

The Irish were a .500 team last year (27-27, 11-17 ACC), but anytime you can say "Lafayette beats Notre Dame" that's a very good thing! For some perspective, Notre Dame's final RPI was 96 last year. Navy led the Patriot League with a 134 final RPI.
Bogus Megapardus


Could be an interesting baseball season. We lost our best pitcher who signed a major league contract at the end of last season and we have a lot of young players looking for playing time.

Excellent!  There's a bright spot!

Real pleased to see the win over ND.  And real pleased for Coach Kinney and the players.  The hitting shoes were on!

Saw this on twitter today. Impressive win! Hope it's a good omen for the season!

And the follow up is a 24-6 loss to Saint Louis (240 RPI last year).

Doesn't take away from the win over Notre Dame, but definitely a reminder that you can't live and die with every win and loss (non-conference especially) like we do with football and hoops.
Ransom Stoddard

Off topic, but does anyone know if pitcher Dave Giusti on Lafayette's baseball team is related to former Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Dave Giusti?  Grandfather / grandson?

Doesnt look that way, Ransom. Mom and Dad went to Harvard Business School, mom on Fortune Mag's list of World's 50 Greatest Leaders. No mention in bios of connection to major leaguer.

Hard to believe it's been 10 years since we watched Conrad, Luick, Reese, Leasure, et al win the title. Awesome team, awesome competitors.  I really like this years more aggressive scheduling, starting a week earlier than usual and with 5 series in warmer climes. That's a nice job!  Congrats on the opening win!

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