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Baseball vs Bucknell (Saturday)

Spent a lovely weather afternoon at Kamine Stadium.  The Leopard starters, Connor Ortolff and Mitch Leeds, pitched very well.  Ortolff gave up 4 runs all unearned.

The team looked tight as they knew the season was on the line today.  Both the hitting (anemic - could not buy a two out hit) and the fielding (confusion in the outfield and a dropped ball by the Frosh First Basemen on the first Bison batter of the game) led to an immediate deficit in Game One.  

The Bison pitchers pitched well enough to win but the Leopard batters were over anxious and swung at too many first pitches (they showed no patience at the plate), not to mention hitting into an endless series of double plays.  A very disappointing day for LC Baseball.

So this pretty much assures yet another losing team, and a complete losing record by every LC Team in this academic year.  I can't think of a more dismal athletic season, saved only by the football win over LU and the only Patriot League Championship in '13-14.

I hope Ms Diorio reads this bec. she is going to get an earful about the losing culture that has permeated the athletic program at LC.


I thought our hitting was coming around last weekend against Navy. It now appears Navy's pitching wasn't very good. Two infield errors in the first inning of game one put us in a hole we never got out of. Then we have a fly ball to shallow LF that the fielder stays behind, catches the ball moving toward the plate and, with only a runner on third, lobs the ball back  the infield as the runner trots home.

In game two the outfielders looked like they never played on a fenced field prior to today's game.  Running into one another, not getting back to the fence first and then stopping in to catch the ball. Sure there was wind, there's always a wind, BU had no trouble playing it.

I'm not sure I want to sit through tomorrow's games.

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