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Ransom Stoddard

Blown out of the water by Navy

At this latest low point in the season, I can only think about writing a haiku about this year's WBB team:

Offense we don't have
Too many break downs on defense
Will we win again

Please feel free to contribute your own haiku.  I am sure I will be more entertained by what other contributors come up with than the game I watched tonight.

That's a wonderful effort. I can't do better, but I have been trying to forget that we have a women's team.
Oddly enough for the first quarter-century or so of Lafayette WBB, the team wasn't a disaster. Perhaps NCACC (now NCC) should be restored to the schedule.
The money being wasted on scholarships across all sports teams should wake up somebody.
It's an outrage to ask non-playing students to pay for tuition when free rides are given out to players who can't compete.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Women's Basketball
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