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Boy wins 2 Events at Connecticut State girls meet

A Male HS student who"identifies as a girl" was allowed to participate and win events (big surprise) at the girls meet.  Moustache and all.  All involved should be so proud.
Bogus Megapardus

My daughters were (and are) enthusiastic club, high school and college athletes (lacrosse, softball, soccer & gymnastics). As liberal-minded as they are, they both think that such shenanigans harm the overwhelming majority of girls/women who simply want to enjoy the opportunity to compete equitably and have fun doing it.

Usually my girls think I'm a complete neanderthal when it comes to "social justice" issues (which I probably am) but we're all in complete agreement about this one.

Let's greet Coach Garrett's first home game in style! Is maroon available?

If ever there was a thread that belongs in "Whatever Else"... Rolling Eyes

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