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Bucknell WLax

We are ahead 2-1 early but it is waaay too early to make any prediction.   Colgate was ahead of BU 6-3 and BU went on a 12 goal run today. IMO There are three top tier teams and four (including LC) are really competitive in that second group.  This is a big game.

In terms of importance to the team, Davey and Rath are very underrated.

Bucknell goalie is keeping this one too close for comfort right now. A few great saves, including stonewalling Kirby all alone at the end of the first half. Come on Leopards!

EDIT: It was 11-8 when I started to post this. 13-8 by the time I was done. Sometimes, I don't mind being wrong! Keep it up ladies!

And... exhale! 14-13 Pards!

Wow!  Another nail biter.  The beat goes on!

Its all about not accepting losing....well done ladies

K-Wil is no one-dimensional player. When we lose possession, she is after them at full-speed in a millisecond

Janzer is quietly moving up the list of players we can't do without

Kirby's shooting was just a little off yesterday.

Rath is the fastest runner I've seen in any of the games.

This goalie shuffle... I don't know

Our defense is better when we are set     An up-tempo opposition is a problem

The lady lax need their own forum spot, not just under "All Other Sports". And considering their performance it should be first above Football!  Very Happy

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