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Bogus Megapardus


I was at the game today at Fisher.  Pards lost 11-8.  I will provide a full report tomorrow or Monday.  

In the event anybody is wondering, Lafayette *absolutely* is a Division I team, without question, and it shows.  However, Bucknell was better this afternoon, and I'll explain why in my report.  The Pards have lots of talent but they leave a lot on the field, too.

How did we not score with a wide open net at point blank range? Did the goalie get a stick on it? Would have tied it 7-7.

A few reasons to be cautiously optimistic based on the Bucknell game I thought.  The Pards committed too many costly penalties but the man-down D responded to the challenge preventing any EMO goals in eight opportunities for the Bison.  The team showed once again that they have the capacity to fight back when they're down like they did against Penn.  But once again they created a big hole for themselves.  It was great to have Bauer back even though his ankle seems to still bother him.  Once he's back to close to 100%, he will once again be a dangerous dodger that the Pards O really needs.  Perini was able to find some space to shoot his cannon and man can that guy rip the net.  Stubits played pretty well in his first collegiate start so he can be counted on to mind the store while Andrusko recovers.  All in all, a disappointing but not unexpected outcome but I'll take the good signs to indicate the team may be starting to pull things together.  Or not (18-5 loss to Drexel)

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