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Bye week spreads, results and current Massey rankings

Bucknell +19.5 at Lehigh
Colgate -2.5 at Fordham
Holy Cross -6.5 at Georgetown

Lehigh 20 Bucknell 13
Fordham 24 Colgate 20
Holy Cross 21 Georgetown 20

Massey FCS ratings
No. 1 NDSU
No. 21 Villanova*
No. 26 Lehigh*
No. 40 Princeton*
No. 48 Harvard
No. 53 Fordham*
No. 57 Delaware*
No. 58 Colgate*
No. 60 Penn
No. 72 Dartmouth
No. 73 Monmouth
No. 77 Holy Cross*
No. 78 Sacred Heart
No. 79 Bucknell*
No. 95 Lafayette
No. 96 Columbia
No. 97 Incarnate Word
No. 99 Georgetown*
No. 106 CCSU*
And 125th and last, the new reverse champion:
Arkansas Pine Bluff.
Mississippi Valley State beat Arkansas PB 41-7 and moved up.

Army* is No. 94 in FBS.

*2016 opponent

Three schools from the non-scholarship Pioneer League are ranked higher than Lafayette. Also three each from the MEAC and SWAC.
Columbia is the only Ivy school below Lafayette and Georgetown is the only PL school below us.

This year's goal: Finish in the Top 100.

What an unmitigated disaster this sports program is.

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