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Camp notes

Visited camp today, saw a large chunk of practice,  and make the following observations, albeit early.

 Didnt note any injuries sustained during reps.  Several kids participating in blue non-contact jerseys, and walking in shorts/lowers.  About 80 participants.

 Had opportunity to see all 4 qb work in package reps and scrimmage.

 I paid close attention to interior O-line practice.  I unofficially counted 12 kids taking reps, not including Staudle, whom I consider our top down lineman.  I thought 79 looked very good for a big tackle and sinks into his rusher on pass protection.  In live scrimmaging, 66 snapped and did a nice job.  Overall, I didn't observe any false starts with this group during live play.  Moving to the O' attack, 30, 25, 5 and 23 received reps.  I really like 30 who does a lot of things well.   89, 82 and 11 worked TE.
 On the defensive side, there is more edge and skill speed than I have ever observed over my five plus years of watching the Pards closely.  No. 93, kid from Texas has very swift feet and gets up the field quickly.  He played on right side today, meaning during games, will face the top down lineman on our opponents offense, who is protecting qb blind side.   Really liked condition and play of 99 on inside.  42 looked fast rushing from DE. LB and DBs looked good.  I noted 10 and 29 at safeties are rangy kids, if they tackle and cover, will be solid depth behind 1.

 26 played in slot and will receive pt if he catches ball in tight space.   7 threw one int off a catchable pass which 26 didn't make.  A couple of wideouts made plays, including 82.

 Overall, if we receive decent, downhill run-blocking, our offense will score points. D' appeared solid.  I didn't see K/P specials.

 Liked what I observed today early in camp, on a very hot day.

Thanks, PF. Hope you get more opportunities to attend and report.  

There are 13 OL on the roster.  Ten practiced on Sat, missing were Grieser, Hoffman, and Staudle.

#82, WR Poetzsch, made a ton of catches on Sat as well, getting a chance with several other WRs not participating. Poetzsch was not rostered last year, IIRC.

#10, S TJ Jones, missed fr year with a knee sustained in HS, drew praise from Coach T in the spring. Ton of potential.

Totally concur with your assessment of D talent as well as your take on #30, Brown, who is very versatile and hopefully will show duability as well. Thought Mayfield looked in great shape and showed speed for size.

I've always like Darren Wright and wondered why he didn't get more PT, there have been some injuries, I believe.  Looking for Collin and Wright to be impact players.  Sparks has def grown into a DE and would like nothing more than to see him get a chance to prove himself.
Bogus Megapardus

Thanks much, Pardsfriend.  Quick question - are TEs mostly blocking or running routes?  Just thinking that TEs who can effectively block DL might be especially inportant this season.

TE play

We appear much more athletic as a group, but based on today, they will block more than receive...

Stopped by the field this morning. They have the NO PARKING signs out for Friday and Saturday. The home stands are still roped off but it looks like they have completed the work. The railings are back up, the entire concrete area has been painted with some kind of water proof paint. I walked on some of it and it is dry. Also have a crew out planting shrubs and other plants in a number of areas.

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