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Can there be a district 11 Big Three at Lafayette?

Those that resides in the Easton area are familiar with the local high school talent.  There has been some very good players that have come out of our  region lately. We got a good one in Kyle Stout who will be a freshman on this year squad.

A couple of other high quality local hs seniors this year is Iorio(forward) of Parkland  and Kachelries (point guard) of Emmaus.  I always like when we can bring in local kids on the squad.  Not knowing what is in store for these two individuals, the thought of having the possibility of a District 11 Big three on the same squad would be exciting.  The skills of these two players would fit in at Lafayette perfectly.

I would think Lafayette should be able to get a very good point guard recruit.  How many division one program can offer a hs point guard a legitimate chance to be a starter as a freshman along with a full ride at a terrific college.

Lastly, while it is realistic that players should improve each year, we have had some individuals that had made vast improvement from one year to another.  A couple examples I can think of is Trist from his freshman year to sophomore, and Delaney from junior year to senior.  I apologize for not mentioning more.  Is there an individual(s) on this year squad that can make this big jump?  I'm hoping.

Go Pards!

Kachelries to NJIT

We're gonna NEED a point guard!

Kachelries talks decision:[/b]

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