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Carney Lehigh list up on site

Not bad at all.

Thanks, Rich (I think).  You've "made" my weekend.

Quick observations:

Just like Lafayette, a close-to-home recruiting class.  Only one from the Lehigh Valley however - vs. 3 for Lafayette.  Not so long ago it used to be the other way around.  

Two QBs, one from CA, but the string of big time 2-star QB recruit years ends at 3.

Matt McHale, mentioned in another thread as one that got away, is listed as a QB/Ath and not a DB.


QB = 2
RB = 1
WR = 3
TE = 1
OL = 4
DL = 5
LB = 5
DB = 4
K = 1

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Recruiting Thread
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