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Coach Nolan

So how long will it be until our Athletic Director lets Dianne Nolan go? Her record has not improved and it seems as if players get worse through their careers under her tenure. The players and fans deserve better than this.
The Maroon

You are talking about (drumroll) the MOST SUCCESSFUL FOUR-YEAR RUN SINCE THE EARLY 90'S!!! How can you say that?

Maybe it's too much to hope for this team to have a winning season every once in a while or be in the top half of the league. I'm sure there are ready-made excuses.

I have to disagree that players are getting worse. O'Hare improved her game markedly - more than almost any player I've ever seen - in her time here. I don't know how much more Homan could have done to show improvement as well. IMHO the talent - for the most part- is developing but the talent - for the most part - isn't on par with the rest of the league.

You really have to screw up to be sent packing from this gig.

I agree with rollpard 100 %. There is no way to see success in the women's program. A mummy could have improved on the Tammy Smith era.
Bogus Megapardus

SixtyEighter wrote:
A mummy could have improved on the Tammy Smith era.

Meh.  We could have been player-coached and still improved on Tammy Smith.

Nolan has improved things vastly in a much more competitive league, IMHO.  Plus we have (the former) Theresa Shank on the staff now - one of the best ever to play the game.

We are 100 years from beating anyone in the league to win the league. Almost every team is ahead of us in competing for a league championship.We lost all 3 games in 2014-2015 by double digits to American.And we are losing our best player.O'Hare is now the best player. Stipa has great unrealized potential . The next best player is the sophomore forward whose name I can't recall who showed signs of blossoming.(not Ottoweil-Solesby who is still a project).Maybe Grentz can develop some of these girls who would otherwise stagnate.(If she remains on the staff.)Presumably she can coach.

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