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Down 8-1 at half and lose 12-10....Team should be very proud of an effort like that.

Frosh FO guy injured?????  

Adam B seems to have taken most of them today......rather unsuccessfully.

Cant win with that kind of % out of X

Not injured - just no more successful than Adam so I suspect he got yanked.  

We have GOT to get a face off guy that can dominate in order to win.

Great Game

A well played game against a #20 opponent . Well done.

The Pards never gave up... I thought Cannon played well... The attack really stood out...Sands Orazietti and Joseph .. Middies except for Round are nonexistent... But Cortese was my Star of the game

Sands played a really smart game.  When the snow on the field became a factor, he consistently backed his smaller defender (Sands: 6'3" 225 vs. Yeager: 5'10" 185) right into the side of the goal as if Yeager was standing on a sled.  He was then able to flick the ball over Yeager to a cutter for multiple scores - ended up with 5 assists which is the most I can remember for a Pard in recent years.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Men's Lacrosse
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