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Correcting The Curse Designation

Mr. Administrator, your sub-heading for football reads "Beware of the Ivy League Curse!"  As keeper of Curse lore and a recognized authority on all things Curse, I take umbrage - extreme umbrage.  There is no "Ivy League Curse."  It is properly referred to as The Curse (note the use of upper case letters) or even THE Curse.  Although heavily populated with Ivy teams, Curse opponents are not exclusively Ivy League.  There are eight Curse teams as follows:

Brown 3-8-0 (winning percentage = 27%)

Colgate 11-38-4 (21%)

Cornell 8-14-2 (33%)

Dartmouth 2-6-0 (25%)

Harvard 3-11-0 (20%)

Pennsylvania 21-62-4 (24%)

Princeton 4-37-3 (9%)

Yale 1-7-0 (13%)

TOTAL 53-183-13 (21%)

Before the lament goes up yet again that they were just better than us for all those years, I make 2 statements:

Our primary competitors (Bucknell, Lehigh, Colgate) have not been nearly this roll-over-and-say-"uncle" sukky and have, more or less, held their own with these foes.


did you not see last Saturday's Princeton game?!!!!!  Well?!

Can you say PINATA?!
The Maroon

Wow Carney,

I hate to know that you are taking extreme umbrage.

Wow Carney....7 of the 8 Curse teams are Ivy League...Just because Colgate is there instead of Columbia...I'll stick with it being "The Ivy League Curse."

The Big 10 has 11 teams...I'm comfortable with this decision. I hope your umbrage works out!

Umbrage is gnawing at my innards.

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