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Day One Around the League

Colgate 68, Lehigh 61 - Upset, and in the hangar.

Boston University 75, Holy Cross 72 - A mild upset, particularly in Woo.

Bucknell 57, American 47 - The supposed number 1 goes down.

LAFAYETTE 92, Army 78 - If not an upset, certainly a BIG win on the road.

Navy 70, Loyola 47 - Sorting out the bottom of the standings.

Lehigh is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.
Colgate and Boston U may be the sleepers of the league this year.
FOH seems to have AU and HC's number.
Bucknell is young and improving
Navy & Loyola, yeah bottom tier
@Army, Pards made a big statement yesterday.

American played without two expected starters yesterday in Buffalo.  C Kevin Panzer is day to day but F Kyle Kager has been out for a while and may be lost for the season.  In any event, it is premature to dismiss them as part of the mix for the top spot based on one game.

For reasons unknown, Lehigh cannot beat D-1 teams at home.  It's early and you should still consider them in the hunt.

Army took a step backwards yesterday by losing to a key rival at home.

Bucknell, Colgate, Holy Cross, and now maybe Boston U. remain in that dark horse area.  Big game next Wednesday as the Leopards make their visit to Sojka where wey've only won once - ever.

"Power ratings" for the Patriot League is an impossible task at this point.  Lots of teams headed for +/- .500.  Anyone who can get above that has a shot.  The Pards put a big check mark next to their listing yesterday.

At his point in time, the Bucknell game means nothing. We have to play Navy at home on Saturday and that is the most important game of the season at this time. You should have learned that you play them one at a time from you predictions on the football team.

Moreover, Navy has played substantially better -- winning its last two games -- since Worth Smith returned from his injury, and Smith has played very well in both games.

Can't count out Navy... that MSU game still makes an impression upon me.

I think American is overrated... Pards don't have a good history with them and we will have tough games, as usual, but I don't think they will excel vs the rest of the PL.

Things will eventually sort themselves out. Navy & Gate on top!? Got to take them all seriously and and one at a time.

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