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Denver Film Festival

LC '16 (govt and law/FAMS major) did not win at the festival--but did the College proud.

Any chance of winning?  Attendee said, "No chance. These are professionals.  Seriously. The credits in these other films ran 3 or more minutes.  Hundred names of gaffers, sound mixers, just like a feature film.  LC '16 held his own.  No doubt about it.  Woman sitting next to me at today's showing said, 'Wow,' after it was done.  Was definitely appreciated for edginess, timeliness, and for director's raw talent....

The DFF head guy said they sift through hundreds of films to pick each year's participants. ('Students?' One teaches at Northwestern.)

During Q and A session, each director was asked about the film program at his or her school--what kind of equipment and production support supplied at each school.  Definitely an enormous difference... UC Berkeley, Columbia, UCLA, Lafayette et al.

'Next project?'.  'I think I'll do a tv commercial or two for my business here in Denver. [He bought a business that's been in downtown area of Denver since around 1980.]  But The Denver Film Festival is my Super Bowl. [Applause]' "

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