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Dianne Nolan: Best Lafayette WBB Coach of All Time?

Right now the argument can be made that Coach Nolan was the best ever. It's time to put her in the HOF!
Coach Grentz will I hope succeed. Until then, WBB moves into the Pantheon of Apathy inhabited by volleyball and some other teams that even students don't know exist.
The Maroon

This is an asinine poll which I guess is the point.

I don't see how you could make a case for Nolan over Fisher - but I don't think you're interested in doing anything but knocking the program.

As the years go by, I take an increasingly revisionist and positive view of the post-Fisher/pre-Nolan era. Perhaps scorn should be replaced with sympathy.
Grentz has to do it. The alternative is unthinkable.
The women are winning so far tonight.

       Lafayette Sports Fan Forum Forum Index -> Women's Basketball
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