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Drexel cuts back

A Lafayette man shakes things up:
Bogus Megapardus

Re: Drexel cuts back

bethlehempard wrote:
A Lafayette man shakes things up:

Maybe he's aiming for "Lafayette on the Schuylkill."  But will he go for FCS football?  That's the real question . . .  Wink

Edit - Why doesn’t Drexel University have a football team?


That might put our 6-0 record vs. the Dragons on the line. Drexel dropped the sport after the 1973 season.
Our perfect 1-0 record vs. Fort Monmouth appears to be safe. We need a rematch with Garden City Aviation to even the score.
Needless to say, we beat Temperance A.A. all three times.

Drexel dropped football because its student body shrunk, among other things. Depending on Fry's goal, maybe D1 could be at risk. Besides basketball and wrestling, I don't know much about their programs.

Drexel currently has a very good Lacrosse team.

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