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Ransom Stoddard

Duquesne - the same (that counts as a rhyme in my book)

Well, we are back to losing in the usual fashion which, I suppose, is a step up from a blowout.  Duquesne 67 - Lafayette 52.

I'll give the kids a little break here - the refs were terrible.  Duquesne had 30 FTs to our 18.  Duquesne was 23-30 from the line and we were 9-18.  That's where we lost the game.  We only shot 34% from the field again but Duquesne was worse at 30%.  

The announcers were painful to listen to - Stipa was pronounced "Stipka" and Ribarich was pronounced "Rye-bach" or worse the whole game.  And after every 3-point shot, they talked about "opening up the 'tres-cafe'!" - it makes my skin crawl just to write it.

We were in the game at the half - down only 23 - 20.  But they extended it out to an eight point lead to open the 3rd quarter and we never got the lead back down below that for the rest of the game.  We were significantly out-rebounded in the 2nd half too.  Stipa led with 13 points.  Ptasinski led with 5 rebounds, but had a bad night shooting (3-11).  Gumbs fouled out again and was limited to 9 minutes because of foul trouble.  That was the best I have seen Vipond play (she played 12 minutes), but she missed all four of her shots on good looks and lost her person on defense on two successive plays in the second half that led to scores.  19 turnovers, but some were on dubious travelling calls (bad refs again).

A little better, but our offensive woes continue to be the number one reason why we can't win games.
The Maroon

Is it me or was somebody completely asleep at the switch when it came to recruiting? How did we not bring in a playmaking guard?  We could have seen a lot of this coming last year as we knew we were losing the only good passing guard on the team and our recruiting was not addressing it.

Oh well - I can't fathom our dream 10-win season but hopefully we can get SOMETHING out of the league games!

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