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Ellen Graham

6-2 post committed to Pards today. Lincoln-Way North HS  Chicago


Self tweeted.

The video shows a lot of her at the defensive end grabbing rebounds.  Where do you see her fitting in at the other end of the court?  The next Emily Homan?

Looks to score and is pretty good around the basket with the right hand which she clearly prefers. Doesn't show much if any left.  Runs  floor well at 6-2.  I will gladly defer to the opinions of our basketball knowledgeable posters.

Ellen is the third member of our 2014 class, I believe.  Commitment is rather late.


Spring 2013

Ellen Graham, 6'2 F/C, 2014, IL Wolverines - Long, physical post presence. Takes pride in her post defense, using her length and intelligence to alter shots and hamper attempts to score in the paint. Flashed solid footwork with her back to the basket, utilizing a right handed hook shot to rise over the tops of defenders and score. Always holds her hands at the ready to participate in the scrum for rebounds, where her length gives her an advantage over most players.  Battles hard for great position on the offensive block. Knows her role on the team and does whatever is asked of her to win.

Fall 2012

Ellen Graham, 6'2" F, 2014, Lincoln Way North/IL Wolverines 16 Elite - Excellent length and a college ready body. Very nice form on her shot. Solid midrange and in scoring ability. Boxed out exceptionally well and did not just rely on her length to rebound. Moves well for her size. Very active defender who blocked several shots and altered many more.

Summer 2012

Ellen Graham, 6'2 C, 2014, IL Wolverines 16 Elite - Tall, long shot blocker and defensive specialist.  Moves well for her size. Vocal leader on defense. Battles on the boards, where her length and size is a major asset. When she begins to continue developing her all around offensive skill set, she will be a very solid 5.


Thanks, Andy.  I know nothing about this stuff, but my observations were that she is effective at the defensive end, but will need to work on some moves to play D1 offense.  The write-ups that you supply seem to concentrate on her rebounding and defense with only a few comments about offense.  Your comment about strongly preferring her right hand also seem appropriate.  I guess that if they don't need a little work, coaching and polish and are 6'2", they will end up a little higher up the food chain than the Patriot League.  I'm hoping this is a good get and welcome to the Pard family, Ms. Graham.

Based strictly on the video, she runs the court well, has a soft touch underneath, rebounds ok. No idea if she has a 15 foot shot, or if she can make foul shots. Definitely needs work in the weight room. I believe all three of next years recruits were on campus with their families last weekend.

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