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Bogus Megapardus

End of a Boycott?

Former president Dan Weiss, as most recall, was one of the initiators of the "Annapolis Group."  If I recall correctly one of the fundamental goals of that association of LACs was to get high schools students, parents and college counselors to look at factors beyond the somewhat arbitrary "U.S. News & World Report" rankings.  The association's premise is, "Annapolis Group member colleges don’t just believe a liberal arts education offers students the most valuable preparation for a lifetime of meaningful and productive work in an ever-changing world – they’ve got the data to back it up."

Lafayette College was one of the Annapolis Group members that declined to provide information to the USN&WR editors and declined to use USN&WR rankings in its promotional material.

While it appears as it Lafayette remains as one of the 130-member Annapolis Group, the fund-raising material that I just received in the mail starts off by touting Lafayette's improving "US News Rank" and hypothesizes that improvement to be a linear function of alumni giving.

Boycott surrendered?
Pard Newbie

"hypothesizes that improvement to be a linear function of alumni giving".

Duhhhhh. Now for the next obvious leap, alumni giving levels are directly correlated to winning. Win more, receive more.  Another duhhh moment brought to you by yours truly.
Bogus Megapardus

Pard Newbie wrote:

Another duhhh moment brought to you by yours truly.

Exit the marketing doobies, enter the science.  

Wouldn't it be somewhat more helpful to reference the underlying data, simply detailing the variables assumed (or perhaps disregarded) in arriving at the glossy, graphically-displayed conclusion?  We're after all a somewhat sophisticated science and engineering college (with a liberal arts bent, or vice versa - whatever).  Lafayette graduates notice (and appreciate fully) those sort of things.

There might well be a rational basis for the presumed linear correlation.  But the material offered leaves even the most casual Pard rolling his or her eyes.  The problem seems to be that we were all too damn well educated during our four years on the Hill to embrace a ruse.  Such a shame.

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