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It appears that Lafayette has purchased two additional properties near the intersection of Bushkill Drive and Dietrich Road. The college previously purchased the former Humell Lumber property and is currently using it as an overflow parking lot.. The building next to it, M.S. Reilly Recycling is having a liquidation sale of it's equipment on March 26th. The owner informed me that the college purchased the property. He also informed me that the Volvo, BMW and Rover car dealership across the street was also purchased by the college. The Northampton County Recorder of Deeds does not show the transfers as of today.

It was previously speculated that the college's maintenance facility will be relocated to this site.

Interesting.  I am all for the college expanding both geographically in Easton and enrollment-wise.  There certainly are plenty of available properties in the city.  While there were a few negative comments on Facebook about enrollment (mostly from student who complained about waiting in line - poor things!) but most Facebook comments were positive.

They should have been around for saturday 8 am classes in our day Ed!!!
Have you ever been on campus on a Friday afternoon!! Plenty of empty classrooms. Wouldn't it be ironic if the school decided to revive the fraternity kitchens as a more efficient way to feed the students!!
Franks Tanks

E-T article regarding the college's interest in the properties on Bushkill drive.

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