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Had some business in Bethlehem today and took a ride to check out LUs new baseball and softball fields.

The baseball field looks great. They installed a turf infield (the outfield remains grass), built new dugouts and moved the bullpens next to the dugouts, thereby eliminating the fence jutting out into the outfield. They also built bleachers and a press box behind the backstop similar to ours. The only dirt area is the mound with the batters box being turf like Diamond Nation in Flemington. I don't believe the field has been used yet as it is very muddy along the fence lines and work is still being performed in certain areas.

The softball field is not as far along and it's doubtful they will use it. The dugouts are complete and there are stands and a press box behind home plate. One huge error in that if you sit close to the dugouts you cannot see 1B or 3B or down the foul line. They have one batting cage complete next to the dugout and are working on the other. Not sure what the playing surface will be. I was told it would be turf but looks to me like its going to be a grass outfield and dirt infield. With the freeze/thaw cycle still in effect,
it will be difficult to get a surface down for a few weeks.

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