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Fall Ball Schedule

September 27th, 10am - Steak vs. Hot Dog Game (Official Visit Weekend for 2015 Recruits)

October 5th, Scrimmages at St. Paul's School in Maryland - Lafayette, Mt.
St. Mary's, Quinnipiac, and Monmouth
11152 Falls Rd, Brooklandville, MD 21022
1pm: MSMU vs. QU, Monmouth vs. Lafayette
3pm: MSMU vs. Monmouth, Lafayette vs. QU

What is the steak vs. weenie game?

Inter-squad Scimmage

seenalot wrote:
What is the steak vs. weenie game?

Inter-squad Scrimmage

My son is in middle school at St. Paul's (NOT a lacrosse player).  I'll have to try to catch some of the action.
Bogus Megapardus

Thanks so much for the fallball info. It's critical to lock sticks against some unfamiliar faces.  This is encouraging news.

I'd like to make it to that hotdog/steak scrimmage.  Fisher or Rappolt?

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