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Link to watch today's game at 2:

I missed the first few minutes.  Where's Ptasinski?  Wh is the Lafayette player at the end of the bench with his foot on a chair?

I lost the feed. How is Zack?

Also lost the stream

Just home from the game. Zach landed on someone's foot battling for a rebound, rolled his ankle. Probably out until early January.  Joey picked up 2 early fouls and didn't play the rest of the half. Seth still off on his 3 point shot. Game was a battle in the paint. I didn't keep score but we did pretty well in the paint.

Edit: just checked, box score now up on GoLeopards

It took us a while, but eventually we gained control of the game and earned a comfortable victory.  We took the lead for good about halfway through the first half and led by 9 at halftime.  FDU hit a 3 and then a 2-point basket to start the second half and cut the lead to 4, but we soon went on a 14-2 run to go up by 21, and FDU never threatened after that.

We had more effective big men than did FDU.  FDU's big men did little on offense in the game.  FDU was quicker than us on the perimeter.  FDU tried to take advantage of its perimeter quickness and limit its inside weakness by pressuring us in the backcourt and frontcourt, in an attempt to prevent us from getting the ball inside to Trist and our other big men.  They pressed full court in man-to-man, 2-2-1 zone and 1-2-1-1 zone.  We generally handled their pressure well, not turning the ball over much.  It appeared that FDU's players became somewhat fatigued in the second half, due to the effort it took to press full court.

Dan Trist had a considerable size advantage over FDU's big men, who were shorter and/or less strong than him.  He used that edge in size to his advantage and clearly was the most effective player in the game, finishing with 18 points and 13 rebounds.  It was one of the best rebounding games that I have seen him play.  He could have had even more points, but he committed several traveling violations in the first half in situations where he could have scored.  

Bryce Scott scored on some nice drives to the hoop, as did Monty Boykins, who took advantage of openings created by FDU's pressure.  Matt Klinewski had a very nice game, scoring 2 inside baskets and hitting a baseline jumper from about 15 feet.  Seth didn't score much, hitting only on two 3-pointers just before halftime.  He missed some open looks from 3 in the second half.  He did make some very nice passes, and I was surprised to see him credited with only 2 assists; it seemed to me that he had at least 4.  Ptasinski picked up 2 fouls a little over two minutes into the game, and sat for the rest of the first half.  He did hit a couple of nice threes while we were extending our lead in the second half.  Michael Hoffman had a solid overall game, and his quickness helped in defending FDU's quicker players on the perimeter.  Nate Musters had a solid stretch of a few minutes in the first half, hitting a jumper from the right elbow, and setting a nice screen that allowed Boykins to score on a drive.

I don't think FDU is a strong team, although they did manage to beat St. Joes on the road earlier this year.  (Not that St. Joes is that great this year.)  Still, it was nice to see us beat them fairly handily on the road, and  our players did give a good effort on the boards.  (FDU earned some offensive rebounds fairly late in the game, after we had pulled our starters.)  It would be nice for us to get through this 3-game stretch against NEC opponents with a 3-0 record.  Hopefully, we'll get the next one against Wagner on Saturday.

Thanks, Steve. Nice recap, as always.  Saw some of the first half. Hinrich's game is really different. He is not really looking to score. A good win.

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