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Federal sexual violence list

The Department of Education put out a list of 55 schools with "open sexual violence investigations." What that means isn't said.
The good news is no core PL members are on the list.
Boston made it but I don't count a school that doesn't have football, in the league or elsewhere.
Princeton, Amherst, Harvard, Chicago, Dartmouth and Sarah Lawrence made the list along with Florida State, Catholic University, Ohio State and of course Butte-Glen Community College.
Bogus Megapardus

Many colleges and universities consider asking a fellow student out for a cup of coffee to be "sexual violence" if the request is "unwelcome."  It all depends on the institution's IOPs, which typically bear little relation to what criminal statutes define as "sexual violence."  Sometimes it amazes me that I still can ask a potential client out for lunch these days.

Lafayette is small, residential and pretty tightly knit.  I think Lafayette students develop an internal moral/ethical compass merely by residing day in and day out with their peers while sharing in a common "struggle."  Same goes for the other core PLs.  Then again, that has been part of the design all along.  Greater human social intimacy leads to less alienation and increased comprehensive personal responsibility.  

Yep - we're all so well-adjusted!   Cool
Bogus Megapardus

Further on this issue, CNN reports that federal investigators are looking into whether the fifty-five institutions on the list "illegally handled sexual violence and harassment complaints."  This investigation is prompted by the Department of Education, not by the Department of Justice.

So these are not "criminal investigations."  Only the DOJ can initiate "criminal investigations."  Rather, these are DoE-initiated "Title IX investigations."

Title IX reads, at it essence:

    No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex,
    be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits
    of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education
    program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.

That's all there is to it.  No more, no less.  It says nothing about "sexual violence investigations" or the authority of the DoE to undertake abusive coercion of private institutions that don't abide by ephemeral, unwritten rules in the way some bureaucrat thinks they should.  No law has been so misinterpreted and misused in the history of civil rights.  It's an outrage, IMHO.

Title IX was passed in order to assure that women have equal access to higher education.  A logical extension of that means equal access to athletic opportunities, campus housing and facilities.  That's appropriate and necessary, of course.  

But what's happening now is the use of Title IX as a coercive measure to force compliance with various political agendae.  Civil rights laws that specifically address discrimination, and criminal laws that specifically address assault and sexual violence, are disregarded by those pushing the agendae because those laws don't declare the agenda-adverse conduct, "illegal."  So advocates of the political agendae use Title IX as a way to "judicially legislate" that which our democratically elected representatives have chosen, quite deliberately, not to pass into law.

There's nothing whatsoever in Title IX that declares "illegal" conduct that otherwise does not rise to the level of an authentic civil rights or criminal violation.  But there seem to be a lot of people with precious little else to do than to try to expand the "interpretation" of Title IX to cover every little "microaggression" imaginable - and even the ones that aren't imaginable.

Shame on CNN and the rest of the media for declaring the complaint-handling procedures of the fifty-five colleges, "illegal."  Shame.  It's inaccurate, ham-handed and debasing.  And they know it.

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