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FH lost to Bucknell

A thrashing at 3-0, I can't think of anything to say that is positive.
There is still chance for the playoffs if Bucknell loses next week to hapless Colgate and we beat Lehigh. Any other tiebreaker puts us at a disadvantage ( head to head record, record against each other ...lost to Bucknell and Holy Cross)
A very disappointing season from this team who has some real talent in my opinion!!

Sad to see this unfold on the game tracker.

2 goals scored in the last 5 games. Ouch. Outscored 14-2. OUCH!

The team is better than this!

The team showed very little spunk today with several notable exceptions: Amanda and Rosie.  I think the group  was poorly prepared and poorly organized for some reason.  Too many passes to no one whereas the 137s looked like they have played together all year and passed very well.  Two of their goals were on corners: when was the last time we scored on one.  Credit to their coaching staff.

The LC Team would achieve some redemption with a beatdown over LU this week but making the PL Tournament is a very long shot.  For some reason this team seemed to peak with the wonderful win over BU and the solid win over hapless Yale.  Totally agree that the team has been totally disappointing - coach are you listening?


Predictably the FH Team lost to Harvard today 2-0 at Rappolt Field.  Once again they did not score so they played 140 minutes of FH this weekend, and did not score.  They play LU on Fri Night in Easton so there is a chance for some sort of redemption.  Their final regular season game is with Temple.

The lack of scoring is a mystery to me but it has a lot to do with the nearly complete lack of scoring from the forwards, especially after Rosie got hurt.  She is a terrific player and will be the heart of the team next year.  She is all about effort.

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