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Fiacco and Holman not playing tonight

You have to feel for Nolan!!

Homan did make it contrary to reports by the Lafayette sports caster Laubach..

The troubles continue.  I feel bad(ly)for the coaches and players.

Lafalum wrote:
Homan did make it contrary to reports by the Lafayette sports caster Laubach..

Actually, Laubach said that she made the trip, but was questionable for playing.
The Maroon

Nothing wrong with losing in  Worcester with a severely depleted roster. (Freeland was out too and even though Homan played her minutes were very limited.)

Nothing wrong with a close loss at home to BU - and showing a lot of fight in the process...

Nothing wrong with...

You get the point. In and of themselves the losses are no big deal, but eventually we're going to need to start winning some league games. (2-17 going back to last season for those keeping track). Yes this is an overhaul rebuilding effort but it's also year 3 and I'd like to start seeing somethng. I'm hoping they can go .500 the rest of the way.

To me it's about getting consistent scoring from Macklin and Loughney.

We have a mix of personnel that makes it hard to form an identity. I'll throw out a stupid idea. Back in the early 90's, Tulane used to crank up the tempo after the first time out with what they called "the posse."  I wonder if we couldn't go small for periods of the game, rev up the defensive pressure (some of those girls can't stand playing zone and blow their assignments), play more transition and rest our bigs. There are some risks with that, maybe to many, but every time I see them play - particularly in league games - I think about it.

Positives: We already have 76 3-pointers (72 all of last season). we generally hold our own on the boards, more assists, more steals - in short better overall guard play despite the TO's. We're set at PG for a while - Tammy's biggest shortcoming when it came to recruiting. We'll have a heck of a lot back next year.

Negatives: TURNOVERS (obviously), Not getting to the line NEARLY enough (partly a result of TO's), turnovers,  disappearing acts out of some promising players and beyond O'Hare, very limited production from the class of 2016.

We still need slightly better shooting from the guards overall - if Macklin, Freeland and O'Hare make one more/game their combined shooting percentage jumps from 27% to 40. I realize that's a useless stat if there ever was one - but it shows what slightly better does for everything.

As Xbro astutely pointed out, Nolan's only had two recruiting cycles,  but my expectations always rise in year 3. I don't see how we can consider this a successful season without 12 wins. Maybe my lofty expectations are unreasonable.

International "guests" today?

Coach Nolan
Excited for the day ahead.
Practice for the rivalry game and some special guests visit College Hill.First Four.
9:02am - 25 Jan 13

Jill Burnori can add nationally ranked St.John’s, Depaul, and George Washington to a growing list of schools seeking her signed letter of intent.
But I hope Jill doesn’t forget the mid-major school that jumped in first and believed in her when other mid- and low-major schools were dancing and other big school didn’t believe. That school would be Lafayette College, led by head coach Diane Nolan and her great staff of asstant coaches.
Coach Nolan loves Shore kids and I hope we give her some love back. Coach, we will see you at Academic Elite. Remember, your staff was one of the first schools to support this event and always one of the last staffs to leave. Kids, parents, and coaches from the area remember that and know this woman wants to recruit kids!////

Speaking of coaches I will be doing a little profile on Lafayette College and head coach Nolan and her program which signed Annette Snow…great staff…great school and unreal education!////

Tiny Green - 7/2012

Burnori chose Wake Forest

Maroon, I hear ya.

Unfortunately I see other intangibles in our play.  

We set terrible picks and we don't defend the other team picks very well.  Our passes at times are poor to the girls underneath.  Outside of a nice lob pass I once saw Ohare did over a defender, I seen to many passes that even Levi wouldn't be able to catch. We get Danielle to far away from the basket at times to where her defender can drive by her.  We really don't drive to the basket, and when we do, the shots looks more like a prayer.  When an outside shot is available, we hesitate.  We haven't seen any consistency.  Diane is catching up to Tammy in having a different starting line up each game.  What got me a little worried is the progress some individuals have made over these three years.  Looking at the same turnovers and missed lay-ups is frustrating.

I must admit I don't have inside knowledge of injuries or illnesses that may be hampering someone.  I know that can play a big factor in one's play.

What I do see that I like is the fight in these girls.  They are communicating to one another on the floor.  They hustle.  I don't think we have seen these girls at their full potential.  Man, if that does occur, watch out Patriot League.
The pieces are there and I hope I am there when they do mesh all together.

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