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Field Hockey - Fairfield

Looks like it was a good win over Fairfield U.  The international players scored all three goals!
Interested Pardee

It was a good, solid win, if not a little shaky (as you can tell from Stone's postgame interview).  

Seeing the Dutch contribute immediately is quite satisfying.  

There's still work to be done and it's a long season.  The girls need to build off this and be prepared to knock out the schedule next weekend.

Fairfield actually put a long one in with a minute or so remaining (kinda like a slapper from the blue line in ice hockey); but, since it "has to touch some player within the arc" and did not, it was not counted.  Whew.  Interesting rule.  Touch any player, I guess. Not necessarily an offensive player.
Interested Pardee

pardfan wrote:
...Interesting rule.  Touch any player, I guess. Not necessarily an offensive player.

Yes, the infamous "own goal."  That's why you'll see most goalies get out of the way of a hard shot into the circle if it hasn't been deflected.

Magadan was  outstanding controlling the ball and dominating the tempo of the game. After pulling the goalie Fairfield at the end was unable to get the ball away from Magadan in the corner.
The football team was in attendance in the first half and really added to the atmosphere!!
Lost Again

The "own goal" rule was repealed in the 2013-2014 season.  An attacking player must touch the ball inside the circle in order for a goal to be scored.

I believe most keepers get out of the way as the free hit "coming out" is a less risky play that a kick clear that an attacker could intercept.

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