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Bogus Megapardus


Folks might want to check this out.  The latest, incredibly well-presented, appeal by a Georgetown alum (presumably our friend DFW HOYA) concerning the condition of Georgetown's Multi-Sport Field - a program that deserves much better, especially in comparison to what it gives back to the college.

It serves as a reminder of what Lafayette fans/alums endured, eventually with considerable success.

Yeah, for people who haven't been to Multi-Sport Field for a football game...let's just say it is hard to believe that Lafayette and Georgetown are playing at the same NCAA classification level, much less the same league.  The first time I saw Multi-Sport Field, it reminded me of a Division III football field with larger visiting side stands but smaller home side stands.  (I went to a Division III school, Juniata, for my undergraduate degree; in fact lived in a dorm across the street from the football field for a couple years, at the 45 yard line one year and the 30 yard line the other.)  The "stadium" experience at Multi-Sport Field puts Georgetown at a huge disadvantage relative to most of its Patriot League rivals.

And the luxurious "restrooms" and "concession stand" add to the ambience at a place. It's truly college football at its lowest ebb.

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