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Getting The Monkey Off Our Backs

Following a year where every College team (too lazy to check, but I think that's correct) had a losing record, we're looking for someone - anyone - to step up.  Here's where we stand:

Football 0-1
Men's Soccer 1-2
Field Hockey 3-1
Women's Soccer 2-3
Women's Volleyball 1-6

It's tough to tell about sports like cross country and golf, but both the men's and women's cross country teams finished in the top half of the Monmouth Invitational.

field hockey gathers their 4 win of the season 4-2 against Liberty University. On to Happy Valley and alway tough Penn State.

This field hockey program ducks no one. (Furthermore, the sport is not regional anymore.  Stanford, Michigan, North Carolina, Iowa, Cal are just a few of the highly-ranked teams.)  Lafayette schedules eight of the top 19 teams (we're #14).  Lehigh schedules us and #20 Bucknell. That's it.  Connecticut, Temple, and Penn State are #2, #3, and#5 at this writing.  Haven't been winning on luck.  We looked like the better team (Quinnipiac especially despite the close score).  Terrific recruiting class this year.  Congratulations Coach Stone.
FieldHockeycorner  stats above    computer says our schedule is 9th toughest

We got there too late to catch the action but the surface is amazing stuff and the field looks terrific.
Lost Again

Watching it on PLN, it looked like the delay in getting the new turf installed came back to bite the players last night.  New turf is extremely slippery with extra bounce and it takes a while for the "newness" to go away.  The Turf Monster reached up quite a few times last evening and sent players sprawling.  Hopefully that will go away soon.

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